Serve Destitute

RVM Foundation Humanitarian Home

34/2, Chikkagabbi Village, Doddagabbi Post, Bangalore 560077

  • Male: 60
  • Female: 50
  • Children: 6
  • Staff: 15

Humanitarian Home Profile

The RVM Foundation Transit Home, situated at Chikkagubbi Village, is a HOME for people who have no home to call their own. Housing the 135 residents including elderly, physically and mentally challenged, burn, abuse and accident victims, RVM transit home is a home in the truest essence as it doesn’t discriminate while reducing the pain and suffering of needy people. It rehabilitates patients, provides all amenities, medical care and emotional support till the recovery of patients. By providing a caring and conducive environment for people to heal and get better, RVM also rehabilitates people once they are treated at the RVM Foundation hospital.

What We Do For Serve / Destitute

To improve the lives of the underprivileged and the destitute and to make the foundation become self-sufficient, environmentally friendly, and operationally viable, we have undertaken the following steps:
Support for Building Infrastructure
Providing Amenities
Food Support
Medical Support

Our efforts in helping the residents brings us one step closer to our aim of ensuring that people do not suffer. With our small initiatives, we want to make this world a better place. A place that is a home for everyone.

Need Analysis for Requirement with Estimated Cost

Food Support

Destitute Home Food Support

Rs. 1,000/- for 20 inmate per day

Medical Support

Destitute Home Medical Support

Rs. 1,000/- for 20 inmate per day

Plastic chairs

Plastic chirs (with arms) (100 Nos.)

Rs. 35,000 350 per One

kitchen Renovation

Renovation of kitchen for Steam cooking & flooring

Rs. 65,000

Cooker + Generator

Steam Pressure Cooker with Steam Generator

Rs. 150,000

Deep Freezer Installation

Deep Freezer Vertical Rack (2 Nos)

Rs. 30,000

Pressure Cooker

60 Ltrs Pressure Cooker (2 Nos.)

Rs. 30,000

CCTV Camera

CCTV Camera Ful Set (1Nos)

Rs. 32,000

Assignment of the need for closure

All the projects and activities undertaken are assigned to the Director In-charge from Seniors For Change for effective implementation and efficient execution for the desired end results. The final impact after the project closure is evidenced by speaking visuals and proof backed by facts-figures on our website for complete transparency -satisfaction to the Donors. Mr K.D Singh is doing a yeomens service with his dedication and honest devotion to serve the under-served.

Success Stories


Bhajan Program arranged by Art of Living in Humanitarian Home.

As the year 2018 is ending , Bhajan program was organized by the Art of Living with the help of Treasurer Mr. Kamal Deep Singh of our Senior Citizens Bangalore, on 28th December at our Humanitarian Home, Hennur, to get the blessing from all the divine

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