To provide education and food
to underprivileged children and
empower them to be employable
and keep fit.

To create a stable and secure
support structure for the elderly
and destitute members
of society.

Our History

Four retirees sat down over tea,
to discuss their repayment for the
benefits society gave them.
And here we are now.

Our Impact

Our Approach

We are connectors, we are catalysts, we are you.

We are indebted to the earlier generations for the comforts they helped arrange for us. It is true that we cannot return their favours to them, but we can channel this gratitude to our society, one way or the other. We believe that:

  • Every generation enjoys ancestral contributions.
  • We are obliged to provide similar contributions for the generations to come.
  • We can create a foundation to aid the youth of the future, to make life better for them.
  • Better results can be conceived if we strive for them.
  • As a society, we are accountable to meet with professional standards of financial and performance audits, and dedicated to the same.

We concentrate our efforts on the future citizens of this country. We aid underprivileged children to become productive members of our society, and every time one of them becomes a professional in their respective industry, we stand proud to see the fruits of our hardwork.


  • Our Collective knowledge
  • Our Expertise

Measurable results give us intrinsic joy and the satisfaction of giving back to the society is self-fulfilling. We aim to build an ethos of giving and sharing, to set a shining example of seniors who:

  • Focus on educating the young underprivileged by providing first generation access to education.
  • Promote collaborative efforts with schools and recipient organizations to keep raising the bar of standards.
  • Effectively utilise donations from individuals, corporates and trusts alike.
  • Provide a dignified livelihood to the neglected.


  • Ours is a registered and recognized society under the Government of India guided by an executive committee.
  • 15 elected members govern the society.
  • One-fifth of the members retire every 3 years.
  • Organized meetings every month to Review, plan and realign.


  • Constituted by the society members.
  • Meetings held once in two months to receive reports, review financials, and offer suggestions. They also pitch in if physical and monetary resources as per requirement for any cause.