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What we do?

We provide financial and other assistance to students for their higher education in urban and rural schools. Assistance is available to any qualified student, irrespective of the applicant's caste, community, gender or religion.


High School, PU and Higher Education to deserving students. Monetary ceiling for assistance in each category.

Scholarship distributed During the Year 2017-18


Criteria Adopted

All Urban Scholarships are awarded after thorough scrutiny in an inclusive manner by the members of a Scholarship Committee consisting of:

Prakash Dattatraya Virkar(Chairman), Meenakshi Shivram, Vaman Kamath, Santosh Talwar, K.C Thomas

Scholarship Service:

Our policy is to support the education and upliftment of students from families with disadvantageous backgrounds, as a response to the fact that thousands of youth may be awaiting even the first fee generation exposure to good quality education, provided by Government, private colleges and social service organisations. Seniors For Change started functioning around 2005 commencing with the government-aided private primary secondary school – the Chennakesava School, in Indiranagar.Read More...

Several members participated over the years to aid in improving the infrastructure (toilets, kitchen) of the school, and increase student participation in sports and other functions. This school was also provided what may perhaps be the first computer-aided teaching facility in this area. Within a few years Seniors For Change social services included financial assistance for schools whose children were unable to pay fees; other forms of assistance such as healthcare (vision, dental and general health checks) were provided with each member’s participation and with the generous help of hospitals and doctors in the area. Seniors For Change social services gradually expanded to over 2000 students in more than six primary and secondary schools. The assistance was extended to high schools and subsequently to colleges.

Starting from 2013, Seniors For Change started providing scholarships for higher education, at first for Pre-University courses only, gradually extending to a few select undergraduate courses in Bangalore, rural Hoskote and urban colleges in and around Indiranagar. These activities now cover three clusters of high schools. This activity has helped more than 500 students in securing high quality education at professional levels (BE, BSc, Healthcare).

This year, 2017-2018, scholarships, financial assistance and mentoring have been offered in rural Hoskote with a very good rapport with local educational authorities. In the urban area scholarships now (2017-2018), we have assisted over 120 students. Seniors For Change turnover in this area is about Rs 25 lakhs.

CSB scholarshps and financial assistance are based on family annual income less than Rs 2 lakhs (very much less in practice) and the promise of merit in students based on thier consistent performance records in previous year courses. Students are selected with the support of Principals who gather full data during admission processes and with a two stage interview, with the Principal’s participation and parent presence in one interview. The following criteria are observed in allocating scholarships with corresponding slabs:

PU I from SSLC

65 %, ranging over a wide selection of syllabuses


70 %

BE and professional courses

mainly through Kannada Government CET examinationA few from external sources in deserving cases:75 %

Masters degree courses

A beginning has been made this year (2017-2018)

Skill Development courses are being organised with rapport with Government Training Institutes

It is known that a very large backlog exists in covering the numbers of meritorious students from very deserve background, particularly in regards to computerised educational methods and reaping the benefit of online courses and information, leading to high degree of employability. Hide...

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Waiting list for the Support to be extended

Girl Children

Scholarships for deserving students

Rs: 15,000/-


Scholarships for deserving students

Rs: 15,000/-


Scholarships for deserving students

Rs: 10,000/-


Scholarships for deserving students

Rs: 25,000/-


Scholarships for deserving students

Rs: 30,000/-

Higher education

Scholarships for deserving students

Rs: 1,00,000/-

Total Rural

Scholarships for deserving students

Rs: 10,00,000/-

Total Urban

Scholarships for deserving students

Rs: 10,00,000/-