Train Youth for Employability

In association with Unnati Foundation

34/2, Chikkagabbi Village, Doddagabbi Post, Bangalore 560077

  • Male: 76
  • Female: 68
  • Children: 68
  • Staff: 10
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Skill Centre Profile

Seniors for Change has started a tri-partite scheme and established a Skill Development Centre, using a generous donation of space by the RBANMs Educational Charities, and invited the well-known UNNATI Foundation to operate the centre. The Centre, started its first course in early in May 2015, will offer training schemes with full placement support; the courses will be developed in scale and level of skill in course of time.

Assignment of the need for closure

Responsible person for the execution of the project with timelines and details.
Project closure with photo and statement from beneficiaries and responsible persons about satisfactory end of the project.

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