Care For Destitute

The number of destitute in our cities is appalling. They live on the streets in shockingly sub-human conditions. Deprived of basic necessities, they face disease, hunger, and certain premature death. They are most in need of human compassion and care.

Senior For Change Bangalore supports AiR Humanitarian Home which has been caring for destitute in Bangalore since 1979. A sensitised police force rescues destitute, mostly elderly men and women, and takes them to this home. The home cares for approximately 150 destitute. The trauma of sub-human living has left most of them mentally scared besides being physically debilitated. The home provides shelter, nutrition, medical care and rehabilitation to its inmates. Most importantly, it provides hope and human kindness.

Seniors For Change supports the home with food, medical care and infrastructural facilities.

  1. Nutrition

Seniors For Change provides nourishing food comprising grains, dal, sambhar, vegetables, eggs and dairy products. Festivals and birthdays are celebrated with special meals.


  1. Medical Care

Seniors For Change provides medicines, regular medical checkups, and hospitalisation when required.


  1. Infrastructure facilities

Seniors For Change has donated an ambulance and solar heating system to the home.