The main reason for dropping out of education is lack of financial support from the children’s families. After graduating from school, enrolling in colleges can be financially daunting. A degree course in commerce could cost anywhere between Rs. 15,000-30,000 per year. Either the children drop out or the families get sucked into a cycle of debt.

SCB identifies meritorious students and offers scholarships for higher education. No distinction is made on caste, religion or gender. Many beneficiaries have gone on to become engineers, accountants and acquired other such qualifications that have transformed their family’s economic condition. Some have even completed PhD and given expression to their passion for academics.

This scheme has ensured that deserving students are not deprived of education. It has been singularly responsible for pulling families out of poverty.

SCB needs your financial support of Rs 30,00,000 during the Financial Year 2022-23 to offer scholarships to 200 deserving students.

Educate one Girl child for a year in Junior College

Rs 5,000

Educate one Girl child for one year in Degree College

Rs 15,000