Our Aims


To empower underprivileged children with education, nutrition, digital literacy, personality development, and gainful employment.


To create a stable and secure support structure for the elderly and destitute members of society.

Our History

To provide education and food to underprivileged children and empower them to be employable and keep fit.

The Journey!

During our regular chai meets, we four retirees were discussing on doing good for the society. Suddenly, we see children passing through in a crumpled uniform, and barefoot. We thought of providing shoes to them. Then we walked up to the kids and asked few questions about their schooling, lifestyle and dreams. We then realized that these kids are from the lower strata of the society but their aspirations were high. That’s when we decided to do something for these kids. And that’s how Senior Citizens Bangalore was established in 1999 and registered in the year 2001.

Providing education and food to the underprivileged children to make them employable and to stay healthy. Also, creating support structure for the elderly and destitute members of the society is our Change Principle. We require your physical assistance and encouragement that you can offer. Suggestions for doing a better job from your end is always appreciated. Let’s together make this world a better place to live in.

The Founding Members

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Col. H.M.S Murthy
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Our Impact

  • We served the interests of 3000+ students.
  • We provide nutrition and medical care to 150 destitute.